Interaction of Humanity Within the World

Monte has often been intrigued by the use of special glass or an introspective study of our landscape. Photography is very often his choice to thoroughly analyze a variety of subjects. These imaginative images from 2011 translate naturally into paintings or computerized prints that are both distorted and stylized.

In paintings such as "Sweeping Through" and "Oneness," images of humankind begin to surface throughout the undulating surface. “Linked Forever“ reminds us that we are irrevocably linked with each other and the world around us.

Spatial Reflections

In this latest series of work Monte chose to expand his view of humankind's place within earth's environment. In this first 4x5" canvas panel called "Alone Together," he is inspired by the boldly-painted figures from his mask series.

This close-knit couple find completion within their relationship, but with little concern about the lonely emptiness of the spatial setting.

Alone Together - 8 x 60, acrylic on canvasHaunting - 48 x 60, acrylic on canvasHaunting - Monte's Studio, March 2012

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